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President Eisenhower Doodling





Based on my analysis of recent images coming from Mars, and intelligence information there is strong evidence that intelligent life once existed on Mars and may continue exness. As a former Air Force Intelligence officer my analysis is based on my interpretation of the evidence. Scientists often state where there's water there is life? I feel where there is Martian water, heat and geometric structures there is life. University of Arizona scientists announced that photos taken by the Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) show evidence of recent catastrophic floods. A team of researchers studying photographs of Mars has found teardrop features that they say were sculpted by flowing water within the last ten million years ago. Infrared and gamma ray images indicate there are large reservoirs of water, just below the surface of Mars. My photographic analysis indicates that all over the planet there are what appears as ancient structures and anomalies such! as forts, faces, pyramids, walls, and tunnels. These anomalies are not natural geological formations, but in my opinion represent ancient cities or religious centers exness thailand. We could ignore one or two anomalies, but there are hundreds. We can speculate, that the Martian climate was making catastrophic changes, the atmosphere was rapidly deteriorating possibly due to meteorite bombardment or changes in the sun. These atmospheric changes probably caused the Martians to seek shelter underground and possibly on their Moon Phobos to preserve their civilization. They may have left both a face and pyramids on the surface as a signal to others who would eventually visit Mars. The Germans in World War II due to allied bombing also rapidly moved underground and developed manufacturing and living quarters in a relatively short time. Virtually all ME-262 aircraft were manufactured underground.

While in college I met President Eisenhower and was told that the Mars' Moon Phobos was most likely an artificial satellite launched long ago by an advanced Martian race. Jeff Rense has an article that confirms this speculation exness th. Dr. S. Fred Singer, special advisor to President Eisenhower on Space Developments in his published opinion backed a claim first made by the Soviet astrophysicist I. S. Shklovsky. The Russian scientist's announcement that Phobos was a hollow artificial satellite proved the existence of a Martian civilization, set off heated arguments among astronomers. Shklovsky based his decision on a long study of Phobos' peculiar orbit, which other astronomers also questioned. Shklovsky is also famous for having written a 1966 book with Carl Sagan on SETI. The book states, "We now come to discuss our enigmatic planetary neighbor Mars, which seems to provide the best opportunity, in the immediate future, for the study of ext! raterrestrial life. In this chapter we will discuss the physical environment of Mars and the possibility that life could have come into being in the ancient Martian past and survived until the present day" "Intelligent Life in the Universe." page 259.

Dr. Singer backed the Shklovsy's calculations and said, Phobos would make an ideal space base, both for Martians and earthlings. In July of 1988, the Soviets launched two unmanned satellite probes named Phobos 1 and 2 headed for a landing on the planet's mysterious moon, Phobos. I watched closely when the first one failed in route, but the second successfully took up orbit around Mars in January 1989. Significantly, its infrared cameras picked up underground heat emissions and numerous other anomalies on Mars. A Phobos picture, released on Canadian TV, presents an infrared scan radiometer image of the Martian surface that showed clearly defined rectangular areas. These are interconnected with a latticework of perfectly straight channels, that resemble city blocks. The heat signature of what may be a set of underground caverns or channels are just too geometrically regular to be formed naturally. According to Dr. John Becklake of the ! London Science Museum, "The city-like pattern is 60 kilometers wide and could be easily be mistaken for an aerial view of Los Angeles." The infrared geometric patterns clearly indicate Martian intelligent life. On March 28, 1989, Phobos 2 then headed for the moon Phobos, when its cameras picked up an Unidentified Flying Object. The Phobos satellite failed as the UFO came closer. The last photos may be seen at

President Eisenhower was apparently excited about the possibility of life in space and often made doodling of strange craft on his White House papers. When I visited the President's Museum in Abilene, I took a photo of some of his doodling showing what appears to be a typical Flying Triangle. Eisenhower's Science Advisor Dr. James Killian, gave a briefing on March 14, 1958 -- "claiming Mars is much more exciting than thought and conditions more similar to earth are there. -- Undoubtedly some form of life, although probably not ones which we would recognize." In 1963, Raymond H. Wilson Jr., Chief of Applied Mathematics at NASA, joined Shklovsky and Dr. Singer in their Martian conclusions. He stated that "Phobos might be a colossal base orbiting Mars." New studies this year indicate subsurface reservoirs exist. The heat and water provided by geothermal activity would be good news for biologists who would search for possible life on Mar! s. The shapes of some of reservoirs indicate they are made by intelligent life forms. I must admit that my analysis of Mars is not strictly scientific, but includes intelligence data gained from retired Soviet Air Force Colonel Marina Popovich, who told us that Phobos, one of the two Martian moons, is an artificial structure. Thanks to Jeff Rense and Space Com, (

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