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New Westminster, British Columbia -- Brian Vike has sent a photo from the video taken Aug.11, 2003. A couple spotted something in the kitchen. around 6:20 PM. ( pacific standard time). She went out on the deck, she saw a round object hovering over the trees, she said it flipped over and it turned bright blood red, she yelled for her husband Mark. He came out and saw a cigar shaped object, I then ran back inside, to get my new camcorder, when I looked, I could see it with the naked eye. I had a hard time locating it at first, it was flying very fast, and I had a hard time keeping up with it, while looking in the view screen. I was shocked, I thought it was a balloon or something, and I was going to have a good laugh -- well needless to say I wasn't laughing when I reviewed the tape. I'm using a JVC mini DV, GR-d90 camcorder, I purchased it two days before the sighting. pocket option philippines Thanks to Brian Vike Go to see video. CANADA HBCC

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BRISTOL - Kim Shaver called to describe an event that took place on August 2, 2003, four miles south of Bristol that was witnesses by his entire family. The object was first observed an estimated altitude of 6,500 feet at 7:45 PM. Kim writes, "My son and myself were standing in our driveway talking and we both saw an UFO like object in the sky to our NNW." I retrieved my binoculars, a pair of Bausch and Laumb 7 X 35 mm, and pocketoption watched the object for about three minutes as it both climbed and fell in a haphazard, yet controlled manner, flying manly on its side rather than on its bottom giving it a balloon-like appearance. There were no appendages, openings lights or antennae visible. It bore a great resemblance to a "torque converter" from an automobile, yet it was thinner. The object was videotaped on a RCA camcorder starting at about 6,000 feet and gradually descending to about 2,000 feet. The disc maneuvers and flips in a haphazard way. After three exciting minutes of footage the object moved to the NNW behind trees, thus I didn't get an exit shot of the object. The copper colored object reflected sunlight, which is a characteristic lacking in a weather balloon. It was either metallic or highly polished. Even in the video, reflective qualities are apparent. I have never seen aircraft, airborne debris, birds, etc., that exhibited such flight characteristics. Kim a military veteran says, "I feel the object was under intelligent control." Thanks to Kim Shaver pocket option trading

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